Beer and Shampoo

     Today, I was reminded how great it feels when someone helps you feel “pretty” when I went to the hair salon for the first time in well over a year. My wonderful hairdresser acted as both a cosmetologist and therapist as she pampered my wild mane. I told her beforehand that if a tumbleweed and a rastafarian conceived a child in a clothes dryer, my hair would be the offspring.
     When my appointment was fulfilled, and my pocketbook wasn’t hit quite as hard as I had anticipated, I made a “treat yo’self” trip to the beauty supply store. It was my first visit ever, and I was incredibly anxious. I browsed for approximately two minutes before my lost expression caught the attention of the clerk working.
       Now, I have a very strong, deeply inbedded anxiety about talking to retail workers. My armpits sweat out, my face melts off, and I start talking really fast, and I get overly, unnecessarily honest all the sudden… it’s bad juju.
However, even though I had to admit that I had been using Walmart shampoo, the lady was super nice and helpful and I got out of there with several products (that all smell like Heaven, by the way.) Again, the bill was way less than I anticipated. So, I rewarded my frugal self with another “treat yo’self” trip to the beer store where I payed way too much for some delightful Arkansas microbrews.
     I got home, spent the evening with some of my favorite folks, played outside, ate leftovers, wiped some boogers… had basically the perfect Saturday night.
      My thoughts as I wind down this evening though, I feel need shared. I see too many people who seem to be putting a lot of effort out, and it’s all for naught. If you truly think that the most valuable attribute a person could have is their beauty, by all means, continue spending the bulk of your time and effort towards your looks. If you honestly believe that having a certain kind of house or vehicle shows one’s worth, keep on with your hustle, friend. I really hope you win your rat race. But, I don’t really believe you. I love you, and I want you to see your true value. So, if you value kindness, spend your time serving others. If you value knowledge,  crack a book. If you value a hard days work, there’s lots to be done, be that worker. Stop wasting your resources on trying to impress other people and live to your own standard. With that being said, don’t forget to “treat yo’self” every once in a while. You deserve it!