Square peg, round hole

Two and a half years after I saw the lady in the lavender scrubs, I became an official student nurse. My second year of applying won me admittance to the most abusive course of study I could imagine. A small branch of the university,  the nursing department is in a lovely,  but terrifyingly intimidating building. Soon after my arrival, as our instructors began to introduce the world we had stepped into, my attention drifted, as it often does, to my peers. The bulk of them were females very near my age. Most would say that I fit the typical mold of a new nursing student, as there are usually very few males or non-traditionals. I picked up very quickly that I was, however, going to be and outlier when I saw dozens of planners and tabbed notebooks fly out of designer bags every time a professor opened their mouth. My idea of being prepared for class was a pen behind my ear and a 44 oz Diet Dr Pepper in hand. These girls were on their game. Obviously “A” students with a competitive drive and likely some kind of 5-year plan, I was feeling more out of place by the minute. “What in the world am I doing here?” I thought. As the instructors continued to outline the intense two years that laid ahead for those of us who “make it that far” I began to worry about how I would be able to continue to have income. I had always kept an evening job while being in school. “How is this going to work out?” “Who am I?” “How many people are going to die because I have no business in this field?” “I’m going to need more Dr Pepper.”



2 responses to “Square peg, round hole

  1. I burned through a whole lot of Dr. Pepper myself.
    The way I look at it: Some of the others that seemed so sure of thenselves were the ones that would act without asking questions and cause the most damage without thinking twice. The ones that are unsure of theirselves were the ones that asked questions and really took the time to think through things before doing them.


    • I found out really quickly that type b folks such as myself can get a lot done by partnering with the “anal retentive” type if they don’t kill us first lol. We are two halves of a whole and can approach a problem with a much wider span of tallents. It just so happens that in nursing, “type A” is the majority.


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