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Creative play


     I have felt my idea machine was  running a quart low as of late. As a result,  I’ve had a terrible time with my writing projects. Today I got desperate enough to investigate some creative exercises to get things rolling again.
    I didn’t mean to, but I believe I have found a new addiction. I approached it very cynically, but was soon giggling in delight. It is completely nonsensical, which of course, I adore.
     You write the first word that comes to mind,  then follow it with whatever flows out. You focus more on the way the words sound more than their actual meaning,  and you make a poem out of it.

Please excuse my barely legible penmanship.
     Obviously,  it can be as long or short as you want it to be. You are essentially just playing. I found it incredibly difficult to stop, and was surprised how quickly and fluidly I was pouring the gibberish out on paper.

     The exercise is supposed to make you use the right side of your brain so that the perfectionistic side doesn’t ruin your creative flow. I definitely feel like the gears were greased. Even more so,  I had so much fun doing it! It’s so funny to read it back aloud. I’m pretty sure that this is one I’m going to go back to again.

I found the information on this exercise   here. I encourage you to read more on it.

Some people do zen tangles, I think this is my new therapy.

      You literally can’t be bad at it, because it is supposed to be aweful, and it is. Awfully awesome!