What Do I Pray for My Son?


Since the moment Ryan and I decided we wanted to grow our family, my mind was clouded with worries of all the challenges our child would face in this world. Will he meet these with confidence? Will I have given him the foundation to grow into a happy, well-rounded adult? It is truly a lot of pressure. Will I teach him humility,  respect, and accountability?  Will I teach him that happiness will never be found in the newest car or the biggest house? Will he learn that it is great to dream, but it is useless without hard work? When it is time he starts looking for someone to share his life with, will he search for character, or vanity? When he feels weak, will he reach for the Lord, or will he reach for a bottle? When he feels strong, will he raise a hand or lend a hand? The list goes on and on. My prayers are that me and my household will set the example that He means for us to, although I know I fall short every day. Luckily, my better half is the best man, husband, and father for the job. I also know we have backup. The saying still holds true, “It takes a village.” Luckily, our son has many aunts, uncles, grandparents, and loved ones to help him on the way. A child comes into the world a blank slate. The responsibility is ours to set them on the right path with a love for the Lord, and a kind heart.
To the family raising the child that mine will pick as his lifelong partner in crime: I pray for you too. I pray that you show her love and I pray that she’ll know how to seek happiness in loving others. I pray that she’ll have the strength that only a Godly woman has, and I pray you are praying for us too.


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