I Am Absolutely in No Way Offended


Firstly, I have to say that the influx of displays of pride by my friends in the healthcare field since the comments made on “The View” makes my heart swell. We have every right to be proud of what we do every moment of every day.

Secondly, I have to chuckle at the irony in the fact that basically, my entire experience with the show has occurred at bedside while I’m at the hospital. (That is the one with Darlene and Sister Mary Clearance right?) The only “TV” we watch at my house is what we dig out of the five dollar bin at Walmart. Also we’ve been known to YouTube on our phones while sitting on the toilet. After all, there’s only so much Jean Claude van Damme I can handle.

Thirdly, best I can see, this show is about as influential and relevant as “The People’s Talk Divorce court with Doctor Phil and Maurry.” Clearly, I can’t keep them straight because 50 percent of daytime TV is total garbage and the other half is advertisements that pay for the garbage. It’s a massive blur of scripted controversy and drama.
I’ve discussed daytime television with approximately 63,884,993 patients, a mostly geriatric group, and guess what? They all think it’s garbage too! (I’m excluding Dr. Oz because half of my patient population wants to be his girlfriend.) Most television that plays in front of my patients is simply on to drown out the silence of their lonely hospital room. Here is a challenge for anyone who works in a hospital or nursing home: If the patient has the TV on, assess them. Notice their eyes, are they engaged? Are they even looking at it? If the answer is no, they could probably use some company. It has been my experience that they had way rather have actual conversation with a human than distracting themselves with whatever crappy shows air between 6am and 5pm. Do this and I swear, they’ll remember your care, not whatever half a dozen botoxed bitches grabbed about for thirty minutes yesterday morning.

*Note: Never interrupt a geriatric patient if a game or a soap opera is on for small talk.



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