If You Give the Nurses Chocolate…

If you are managing a nursing department, this is the best advice I can give you. Next time morale is low,  and you decide to bring us a tub of chocolate candy to boost spirits on the floor, you need to really think about it. Because…

If you give the nurses chocolate, it might remind one that her stomach has been growling for eight hours. If she gets to thinking about her empty stomach, she may get upset that the only time she has access to hot meals is two hours a day on weekdays, or never on her night shift. If you give a nurse 24-hour kitchen access, she might just start thinking that her patient’s elderly, crippled husband might be hungry too. If you give a nurse a “guest tray” policy, she might just get the feeling she has a voice. If a nurse starts having a voice she might use it to point out that the ten types of colostomy bags we carry aren’t compatible with any of the seven types of wafers that are in the supply closet. If you give a nurse the supplies she needs to do her job, she could get the idea that she deserves to work in a well-staffed department as well. If you give a nurse another nurse, they’ll likely decide they are in the mood for chocolate. Soooo…

Always be very, very careful when you give the nurses chocolate.


Kori Reeves, Registered Nerd


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