A Swift Kick in the Pants

I thought that I had a crappy week. Work had me running on fumes. I’ve been wasp stung on the pinkie toe at 2AM. My house is a wreck. My husband is stressed. And, I ended the week by contracting pink eye so I can’t even play with my son to make me feel better about the whole thing.
But you know what? I haven’t had a bad week.
Not once have I been abused in any way. I haven’t worried about getting my next meal. I did not find out I have a terminal disease or a dying loved one. I didn’t stay a single night out in a blizzard. My home is still upright, unharmed by fire, wind, or flood . I haven’t had to hang a single missing child poster. My air still blows cool. My water is safe to drink. I can hold any belief I want and not fear for my life. I’ve not woken to the sound of gunshot or sirens. My front yard wasn’t ransacked by war or riots. My parents and grandparents still have sharp minds, untouched by tragic disease. I’m still employed, and have a way to get to work. I’m healthy enough to work.
No, I haven’t had a bad week.  I’ve only had a bad attitude. Which is, coincidentally, one of the few things in this life we can always control. Dry it up, Buttercup, and be grateful for what’s going right.


Kori Reeves, Registered Nerd


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