Four Sexy Men To Hold On To



  “Sexy” can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people on Earth. It is one of those concepts that is completely reliant on the percievers preferences. (Try saying that five times fast.) Anyway, I like to consider myself a lover of fine things, and would like to share with you four men who definitely get the “Sexy Stamp” in my book

1. The Workin’ Man


     He may not make time for a regular haircut or shave, but he’s getting up every morning to bust his back to make a living. He seldom complains, and every dollar he’s ever made was made honestly. No, he can’t devote every moment of each day to entertaining your every whim, but its quality time you share rather than quantity. Also, his stained fingernails and busted knuckles are never embarassed to hold your hand wherever you may be.

2. The Joker


     If he doesn’t make you laugh, he’s a waste of time. The years that pass may take a toll on a body, but they can’t touch a good sense of humor. Laughter is a tool he uses to make you feel better and a glue that keeps you closer.  He’s farting on you because he cares.

3. Mr. Pensive


     I’m far from a believer that everyone must be formally educated. I also don’t believe dramatic nor melancholic types are attractive.  However, a thinking man can come in many forms and I believe, is desirable. Problem solving, daydreaming, investigating, and empathizing are all thinking skills I want in a man. He doesn’t have to be “complicated” but a little deeper than a saucer is good.

4. The Servant


     Backrubs. Breakfast in bed. Housecleaning. All the time. No, totally kidding.
     You know that saying about watch how he treats his Mother before you get serious? I say watch how he treats everyone! Strangers, family, friends and enemies alike. If he exhibits a giving nature and an even temperment, he’s a keeper. Selfishness and tantrum throwing are for children. You want a man. A man doesn’t compete with the Jones’s to feed his own vanity. He isn’t too proud to ask The Good Lord for help when he needs. He sees that everyone is taken care of before tending to his own needs. And, most importantly, he makes you want to be that kind of WOMAN.

     As an aside, I’ll say that I’m not talking about any particular person and my tastes aren’t biased at all.



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